Music – Live or Recorded for your Wedding Ceremony

If you were to ask me, live music or ipod for the wedding ceremony, I would say “live music” every time!  There is nothing more emotive than someone singing or playing your favourite chosen entrance music, for signing and celebrations at the ceremony.  There are also many practical benefits.  It is the wedding ceremony that sets the tone for the rest of the wedding celebrations.  Whether it be a classical trio or quartet, a soloist singer, guitarists, harpist or band, the ambience of live music wherever the ceremony is held helps create the mood.

Recently, I worked with a professional guitarist, who was able to “step up” the tempo to the best part of the song when the bride hit the red carpet (so to speak).  We had a chat about a musician’s role in the ceremony, and he felt that the music was an additional element, something that you only really notice when it is wrong.

Eg. the prerecorded music is cut off suddenly the second the bride gets up the front.

  • the song finishes before the bride gets down the aisle,
  • the wrong song is played
  • the music doesn’t work at all!

Working with a reliable professional  musician, can allay these fears. Here are some real live samples of when I have LOVED working with live musicians.

  • The music starts, and the bridesmaids and flowergirls take forever to come out of their hiding places, music continues…
  • The flowergirls get distracted on their way down the aisle and it takes three times as long for the bridal procession.
  • The wedding is moved at the last moment because of the rainy weather, and the ambiance of the alternate venue would be nothing without the live band..
  • Any music other than the band would be lost in a large open area.
  • Guests enjoy focussing on live musicians (rather than an amp with ipod music)  Imagine a saxophonist, dressed in sand coloured suit and Panama hat, playing with a guitarist on the beach, a quartet in the rainforest…
  • You just know they are professional and will start and stop at the proper time!
  • They ensured the right part of the music played at the most important time.
  • A harpist filled in with music when a disaster happened (someone fainted and the proceedings had to be stopped for 20 mins)

Thank you to all the wonderful musicians I have had the pleasure of working with!

Karen Faa – Celebrant



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