Having known “Shannon” since her preschool years, I was delighted when she asked me to assist her and her fiancé with their surprise wedding at their engagement party at GOMA.  As part of the deception, I volunteered to work at the Brisbane Bridal Show earlier that day, held next door at the Convention Centre,  so the impromptu “invitation” to attend the engagement party for a drink with some of the guests I knew was passed off easily, “Karen just popped in as she is our celebrant and we told her you would be here…”

Engagement celebrations were going great guns, everyone was dressed to the nines, the lights and decorations were spectacular and the views over the Brisbane River made the whole scene quite magical.  The bride’s parents were in on the “secret” and instrumental in the “reveal”.  The groomsmen and bridesmaids were being introduced (they were completely unaware that the wedding was about to unfold) and then the chief bridesmaid couldn’t be found, the microphone was handed to me, the band started to play, and the bridesmaid lead out the bride, escorted by her father who had rushed to the back of the room to carry out this important duty.  The room went off!

Karen writes and conducts ceremonies, including surprise weddings, exactly as her clients want them and has so far presided over 1300 celebrations.

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